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A contemporary brick extension with a slanted, cantilevered overhang and straight lines, which complement the character of the Edwardian house. Pale yellow stock bricks and warm red bricks were selected to reference the brickwork colours and details of the existing Edwardian house.

The internal layout has been re-configured to bring the kitchen into the heart of the home and draw light deeper into the property. An existing conservatory extension and utility room were demolished at the rear and the utility room relocated in a more convenient, central location. This opened the back of the house to light and views of the garden. The new extension floor has been lowered to create a closer relationship to the garden and allow for exceptionally high ceilings that lend grandeur to the space.

We have paired a traditional style with a limited material palette and striped-back detailing to create a fresh and enduring home.


LOCATION: Wimbledon, London

TIME FRAME: Appointed April 2019; Construction Aug 2019 - Mar 2020
BUILDING CONTRACTOR: Total Contracts Epsom
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Iain Wright Associates
PHOTOGRAPHS: Chun Yue Chiu Photography


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