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200225_ABHRA_Arcadia Court_030.jpg


Type:           Residential
Status:         Complete - 2020

Value:          90k
Works:        Flat Refurbishmentl

The overhaul of a tired 1990’s two-bedroom apartment. The clients are a young couple who had just bought the property and wanted it to fit their contemporary lifestyle and tastes. 
The original layout was outdated, with complex circulation and cramped rooms.


The approach was to simplify the layout, cutting back on awkward corners and excessive corridor space. This allowed the living space to increase in size and a dressing room to be added without impacting on the other rooms. Where walls are needed, they were thickened to discretely house bespoke storage for the client’s specific requirements, from LPs to lipstick. 

Alongside this, the services were completely modernised - electric heaters were replaced with a water-based underfloor heating system to reduce energy and running costs. Smart-lighting and integrated AV fittings are introduced and made easy to access and replace so that the apartment can stay up to date with minimal inconvenience.

Key style queues are drawn from the clients’ photography collection of mid-century eastern European architecture. A quirky and bold colour palette is combined with contemporary detailing that reflects their playful and minimalist tastes.

Photography by Chun Yue Chiu Photography -

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